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Medpark Hearing Center is an audiology department connected to the ear-nose-throat (ENT) specialist office of Dr. Edward Tomaneng, which enables us to offer complete services for patients with hearing loss, allergies, and other challenges related to the ENT system. Being part of an ENT practice that has been around for over two decades means we're well established in the San Marcos area. We have generations of happy patients who continue to rely on us for all their hearing needs. And we've worked with almost every kind of hearing loss over the years, so we have the experience to find a solution for yours, no matter how complex it may be.

Your Hearing Aid Specialist: Anthony Atencio

Medpark's hearing aid specialist, Anthony Atencio, has been in the hearing industry for decades - long enough to have seen the switch from analog to digital hearing aids. Before becoming a licensed hearing aid specialist, Anthony worked in the allergy side of Dr. Tomaneng's office. Currently, he splits his time between that department and the audiology department he helped develop.

The two sides keep him busy, but he wouldn't have it any other way. He loves being able to tinker with hearing aids because he has always loved electronics, computers, and fiddling with small devices. Audio has been one of his hobbies since his childhood, when he used to build his own small AM radios and install stereos in his friends' cars. For Anthony, being a hearing aid specialist is the perfect fit.

Why choose an audiology clinic that is part of an ENT office?

Most hearing practices aren't medically cleared, which means that if something medical is happening with your ears, you'll have to be recommended to an outside provider. Because we have a partnership with Dr. Tomaneng, we can take care of you seamlessly and conveniently, combining our expertise and his to deliver the best, most comfortable experience for each patient. Whether you just have earwax that needs to be removed or something more serious like an acoustic neuroma, we can coordinate with Dr. Tomaneng to solve it right here. You'll never have to worry about coordinating schedules or transferring paperwork between separate offices, and you'll benefit from two professionals with decades of experience. Your hearing aids will only really help you if you've already had any medical needs treated and if your outer, middle and inner ear are medically cleared for correction - and that's precisely what an ENT office is able to do.

We're even able to treat more unique hearing situations, such as if you are completely deaf in one ear and/or have single-sided hearing loss. For example, we offer the Ponto System from Oticon, a sound processor that uses bone conduction to give some of the best hearing results on the market today. Because the Ponto is bone-anchored, it requires an operation. Dr. Tomaneng can complete the operation in his office and we can fit you with the hearing instrument, so you're able to complete the entire process in one clinic.

Ponto System from Oticon

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