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Hearing loss can have a big impact on your life. Maybe it’s gotten harder to keep up with conversations, or maybe you’re starting to feel disconnected from the people and things you love. But it doesn’t have to stay that way. For many people, hearing loss can be treated, so you can reconnect with life and the people you care about. You may not realize what a difference treatment can make, but it’s no exaggeration to say it can give you your life back.

Medpark Hearing Center can help you find the right solution to your hearing loss. We are here to serve our patients, not just sell hearing aids. When you come to our office, we treat you like a member of our family and make recommendations with your best interest in mind.

What Makes Medpark Hearing Center Different?

Some facilities only dispense hearing aids, but we do much more. Medpark Hearing Center is an audiology clinic connected to the office of Dr. Edward Tomaneng, an ear-nose-throat specialist. This means we can help solve medical complications that might be affecting your hearing. We also offer an immunotherapy allergy clinic because allergies, hearing, and ENT issues can all be connected. No matter what is causing your hearing loss, we can help.

Here are some reasons our patients continue to trust us with their hearing care:

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What to Expect at Your First Appointment

When you come for a hearing appointment, we always explain every step of the process because it’s essential that you are comfortable and feel in control of your hearing treatment

Proud Partner of HearStrong

Hear Strong at Medpark Hearing Center

Medpark Hearing Center is a proud partner of the HearStrong Foundation, an organization dedicated to helping people get the hearing care they need. 80% of people who have hearing loss let it go untreated. HearStrong aims to close this gap by tackling common barriers to care such as social stigmas, financial difficulties, lack of awareness and resources, and more.

  • Sharing the stories of remarkable people with hearing loss
  • Connecting people with hearing loss to providers who can help them
  • Gifting hearing aids to those in need

As a practice dedicated to helping everyone get the hearing care they deserve, HearStrong’s mission is very important to us. Together we can shatter stigmas and change the face of hearing loss!

Preferred Provider of the NFL Players Association

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Medpark Hearing Center is a preferred hearing care provider for the NFL Players Association’s Professional Athletes Foundation. By partnering with EarQ providers, the PAF aims to bring better hearing to former professional athletes and their fans across the nation. Together, we spread awareness, help players in need of hearing care, and collected data on the connection between hearing loss and professional football. 

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